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Unfortunately, like much of the rest of the country, substance abuse is on the rise in Washington State. More and more people are struggling with addiction, whether it is alcohol or drugs. The 2011 estimate puts the population at 6,830,038 - and yet according to the latest data available, the percentage of people over the age of 12 that admit to using an illicit substance within the past-month is near 9.6 - meaning almost one in ten. The state also ranks in the top 10 in other addiction statistics, including past-year non-medical use of pain relievers and marijuana use. Unfortunately, those numbers are only rising. The number of drug-induced deaths also exceeds the national average.

People ask what the reason may be that a state with a median income of $58,078 has such high levels of abuse. One of the main contributing factors is the close proximity to Canada - this seems especially prevalent when it comes to the production of methamphetamine. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center - "The production, transportation, distribution, and abuse of methamphetamine" are the primary threat to the Pacific Region."

What about the men and women of law enforcement who have to deal with these problems on a daily basis? "92.3% of law enforcement agencies in the region report that methamphetamine is the 'greatest drug threat' in their jurisdictions" according to a National Drug Threat Survey. While methamphetamine may affect the Pacific Region, Washington is hit harder than most other states. Nearly twice the number of methamphetamine labs reported than Oregon and exponentially more than Idaho and Alaska.

People ask what the other contributing factor may be. It is not the fact that people are not determined to attend rehab, after all 38,086 people entered some form of addiction recovery in 2010 according to the Substance Abuse Treatment Episode Data Set. The problem is that the people that are entering are not provided with the best possible solution. This leads to a vicious cycle that includes the determination to become clean, only to relapse because they are not provided the tools required to succeed. Just imagining the strain this places on families, friends, and even local government is enough to make one's head spin. That is one of the reasons that a service like ours exists - providing people with alternatives that give them the ability to succeed when they are determined to do so.

What we do is provide people with a directory of all the best Washington rehab facilities. We understand that addiction and the desire to enter treatment can be a trying time. During this time it can be easy to simply choose a 12-step program because it seems readily available even if the relapse percentages for those traditional programs is so great that it would almost be better not to do anything at all. We have rehabilitation facilities scattered throughout every part of the state. Our operators are experienced and professional counselors, who are going to help you find the best possible solution for you; the one that gives you or your loved ones the best possible chance to stay clean.

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The Drug Problem is Only Increasing

The Problem Can Seem Overwhelming

Some vocal activists have claimed that abuse is eventually going to peak and slowly start going onto the decline again - we are still waiting for that to happen. In fact, as of 2006, drug overdose killed more people than traffic accidents in 16 states. The abuse of prescription painkillers and methamphetamine is skyrocketing rather than declining.

If someone does decide that they want to live their life drug or alcohol free and are not provided with the best support possible, you have not only let them down, you have also instilled a sense that no matter how determined they are, it is never going to get any better for them. The following are some of the state's most prevalent narcotics.


The most commonly used substance in Washington was marijuana. In 2010, more than 7,000 people entered into treatment because of pot addiction. One of the problems with this narcotic is the fact that it is widely available. Unlike other states, Washington has three sources of their supply. From Canada to the north, Mexico to a lesser degree from the south, and homegrown. Canada is well-known for its lenient laws and certain species specifically sought after because of its much higher THC content.

Prescription drug abuse

Like most of the country, prescription abuse has become an epidemic throughout the state. Since 2005, the number of people who go into treatment for opiate abuse has skyrocketed. This is in line with the national trend.


As mentioned before, it remains one of the most widely abused narcotics in Washington with two different types of meth found. That which is produced locally and Mexican methamphetamine (obtained from Mexico, California, or other bordering states). Like prescription drugs, the numbers are only rising each year and have shown no sign of slowing down even though law enforcement has done a great deal in order to do so.


In one year, approximately 3,000 people went into rehab for heroin addiction in Washington alone. One of the problems with the exceedingly popular variant, Mexican black tar heroin, is the fact that it is affordable even for those who have very little income. This makes it easily accessible and very addictive.

Drug-Related Deaths

While it may be possible to determine a specific number of people who died because of a direct overdose, it is much more difficult to establish how many people passed away due to the additional problems that abuse causes. Traffic accidents as a result of being under the influence, violent deaths and individuals who contracted diseases due to drug related activity. Again, the state exceeds the national total of narcotic related deaths by approximately 3%.

If people only take a simple message from these shocking statistics, we hope that addiction is nothing to take lightly. These are not problems that are going to go away on their own. At best, the person is going to keep using and ruin their health, finances and social opportunities; at worst, dire consequences.

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You Can Find Help

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction and has a desire to be clean from addiction, it is important to remember that not every recovery facility in Washington is the same. While there is no denying that even the traditional 12-step program may mean well, statistics don't lie - these types of programs are ineffective.

Relapse can be one of the most crushing things a person suffering with addiction can ever face. They have either convinced themselves or been convinced to stay clean, only to find out that they were not given a chance to succeed. At that point, it may be impossible to get them to try another form of rehab. If you or someone you know and care about needs quality rehabilitation, be sure you make the right choice.

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